• Music












    Music club entertaining parents in a past occasion 

  • Deputy2021











    Deputy Principal Madam Eunice King'oku

  • Comps21













    Computer Students celebrating

  • Wanyonyi

    Hon.Wanyonyi(Westlands mp) at prize giving day 2017

  • Princi2














    The Principal Parklands Arya Girls ;Madam Rhoda Ogaro

  • Lab21












    Lab technician preparing for a biology prac

  • Muslims












    Muslims congregating

  • ccience














    Students presenting in a science and ICT fair

  • Science fair













    Science students receiving a certificate from Australian embassy

  • BOM21











    BOM Chair Dr.Rose Opondo

  • Amina1









    CS Amina at Parklands Arya Girls

  • stdents2











    Rangers and St.Johns club

  • Walk1















    Girls on an academic outing

  • complab











    Students having a session in computer lab

  • Amina2












    CS Amina with Parklands Arya Girls Principal, Madam Rhoda Ogaro

  • Homescience














    The principal inspecting a session in home science workshop

  • Staff21

















    Teaching staff with Mp Westlands Hon. Wanyonyi

  • academic











    Discussion groups on the academic garden

  • Lib














    Girls having a session in school library

  • walk3

















    CS Amina signing the guests book at Parklands Arya girls